Fact Sheet


The State Building Code Council (SBCC) was created to provide independent analysis and objective advice to the legislature and the Governor’s Office on state building code issues. The SBCC establishes the minimum building, mechanical, fire, plumbing and energy code requirements necessary to promote the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state of Washington by reviewing, developing and adopting the state building code.

Results and Achievements

In 2008, the SBCC conducted the following activities:

  • Formed a technical advisory group on voluntary residential fire sprinklers to produce a report for the legislature (SHB 2575)
  • Developed fire code provisions related to lock down and shelter in place drills for schools
  • Coordinated with DSHS and DOH on rules related to residential treatment facilities, boarding homes and adult family homes


The SBCC reviews proposed changes to the state building codes. The SBCC must approve or deny all city or county code amendments that apply to single family or multifamily residential buildings.

  • Technical advisory groups include experts in the design and construction industries and state and local enforcement officials
  • The SBCC provides written interpretations of the codes to local enforcement officials upon request
  • All code amendments are adopted through the rule making process and must sit through a legislative session prior to enactment

Performance Measures

The state building code provides for safety, health and energy efficiency in buildings. The SBCC monitors fire deaths per million residents compared to other states and nations.

Statutory Authority

  • State Building Code Council 15 voting members are appointed by the Governor 
  • RCW 19.27.070