SBCC Council Members

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Council Members

Kjell Anderson - Energy Code TAG Chair

Representing: Architectural Design Professionals

Term Expires: January 2026

Jay Arnold - Mechanical, Ventilation, Plumbing and Energy Code Committee Chair

Representing: Elected City Officials

Term Expires: January 2027

Todd Beyreuther - Council Vice Chair, Building Code TAG Chair

Representing: Manufacturers, Installers, or Suppliers of Building Materials (East of the Cascade Crest.)

Term Expires: January 2025

Justin Bourgault

Representing: Construction Building Trades

Term Expires: January 2026

Daimon Doyle - Council Chair, Executive Committee Chair and Workgroup on Economic Impact Chair

Representing: Single and Multi-family Home Builders

Term Expires: January 2025

Tom Handy - Legislative Committee Chair

Representing: County elected legislative body member or elected executive. (East of the Cascade Crest)

Term Expires: January 2026

Angela Haupt

Representing: Building Code Enforcement

Term Expires: January 2027

Roger Heeringa - Building, Fire, Residential and Wildland-Urban Interface Code Committee Chair

Representing: Structural Engineers

Term Expires: January 2025

Matthew Hepner

Representing: City Elected Officials. (East of the Cascade Crest)

Term Expires: January 2025

Craig Holt

Representing: General Construction, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Term Expires: January 2025

Tye Menser

Representing: County Elected Officials

Term Expires: January 2027

Benjamin Omura - Mechanical, Ventilation and Plumbing Code TAG Chair

Representing: Mechanical Engineers

Term Expires: January 2026

Peter Rieke

Representing: Community with disabilities. (East of the Cascade Crest)

Term Expires: January 2026

Katy Sheehan

Representing: General Public. (East of the Cascade Crest)

Term Expires: January 2025

Ex-Officio Council Members

Lorin Lathrop

Representing: Labor and Industries

John Lovick - Washington State Senator (D)

Alex Ramel - Washington State Representative (D)

Suzanne Schmidt - Washington State Representative (R)

Lynda Wilson - Washington State Senator (R)