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State Building Code Council created (RCW 19.27) to advise the Legislature on matters relating to Building Codes


Council granted rulemaking authority to adopt state Barrier-Free regulations based on ANSI A117.1


State Energy Code adopted by statute


State Building Code Act and Energy Code Act enacted. Council authority includes:

  • Adopting and amending Uniform codes, Historic Building Code, and Energy Code in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act (RCW 34.05)
  • Reviewing, and approving or denying, Local Residential Amendments
  • Employing permanent and temporary staff, and contracting for services
  • Proposing budget for approval by OFM

Council required to adopt Water Conservation standards


State Energy Act requirements:

  • Council to upgrade existing Energy Code requirements for residential buildings
  • Council to adopt Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code for new residential buildings

Nonresidential Energy Code Act requirements:
Council to upgrade the Energy Code requirements for nonresidential buildings if:

  • Cost-effective, technically feasible and commercially available to building owners and tenants
  • Considered by the Council after consultation with a broad-based Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Energy Code reformatted into current appearance
Public/private partnership created to enhance compliance and enforcement of Nonresidential Energy Code through education and training (The Utility Code Group/Building & Design 2000 sunsetted in 1997 with the adoption of that code)


Washington State Regulations for Barrier-Free Facilities becomes the first code in the nation to receive certification from the Department of Justice


Last edition of the Uniform Building Code adopted


Legislature passes SHB 1734. International Building Code adopted.
Uniform Plumbing Code retained


International Building Code effective.
Council adopts IBC Chapter 11 and ICC/ANSI A117.1, replacing the Washington State Regulations for Barrier-Free Facilities


Council adopts IRC requirements for residential swimming pools, spas & hot tubs

2009  Council integrates the Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code into the IRC and IMC
 The Washington State Energy Code is revised and reformatted to align with the IECC

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