State Building Code Council Welcomes New Manager April 22

State Building Code Manager Stoyan Bumbalov is leaving his position as manager of the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) to take a job as the Executive Director for the California Building Standards Commission. Effective April 22, Building Code Specialist Dustin Curb will be the interim State Building Code Manager.


Bumbalov oversees a team of four who provide administrative and technical support to the SBCC, facilitate Technical Advisory Groups, and assist local jurisdictions. The staff also facilitate rulemaking, including the public input process.
The SBCC conducts rulemaking to update state codes every three years to align with national model codes and ensure legislative energy policy guidance is up to date. State Building Codes specify minimum requirements to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of building occupants.

What’s next 

"Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him as he steps into the role of Interim State Building Code Managing Director," said Bumbalov.

Curb joined SBCC staff in September 2022, serving as a subject matter expert on code development and other rulemaking activities. He has 17 International Code Council certificates in different disciplines, and brings 11 years’ experience developing, interpreting, and enforcing building codes. Prior to joining SBCC, he led the Island County Building Department's reform of its Flood Plain Development Code, completing probationary requirements to remain in the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program. His experience in local jurisdictions includes building inspector, plans examiner, code enforcement officer and building official.

Thank you

Gov. Jay Inslee, who appoints the SBCC members, said, “Stoyan has been instrumental to the State Building Code Council for over three years. With his guidance and expertise, the Council successfully navigated extensive and complex code adoption processes and passed nation-leading building codes. Thanks to Stoyan’s leadership, all new buildings in Washington state will be safe, healthy, and efficient.”