Energy Code TAG Historical Information

2018 TAG Information

The TAG is scheduled to begin reviewing the changes for the 2018 Washington State Energy Code-Commercial in January 2018. The review of the 2018 Washington State Energy Code-Residential is scheduled to begin in January 2019. The anticipated effective date of the 2018 WSEC is November 1, 2020 (Due to Covid-19, the Governor's Proclamation had extended the effective date of July 1, 2020.)

*At the June 26, 2020 Special Council meeting, the Council voted to extend this effective date to February 1, 2021.

2018 WSEC Documents and Drafts

Commercial Portion

Final Adopted Code Language for 2018 WSEC-C
2018 Washington State Energy Code - Commercial Integrated Draft (WSEC-C ID)
9/27/2018 Version of Commercial Integrated Draft with proposals recommended for public hearing annotated
2/06/19 Version of Commercial Integrated Draft with Council modifications, as will move forward for public hearings
    • Commercial Code Change Proposal Master Log, as of 09/10/18
    • Public Testimony Page - Commercial Energy Code portion
    • 2018 Section C403 Relocation Crosswalk
    • 2018 WSEC Full change summary  

Residential Portion

2018 Washington State Energy Code - Residential Integrated Draft (WSEC-R ID)(as of 2/2/2019)
    (Residential provision review begins with Jan. 4, 2019 meeting)

Washington State Energy Code - Residential  Code Change Proposal Spreadsheet
    (Proposals are linked under the log number)

2015 Code Adoption

Final Integrated Drafts (base code for Code Change Proposals):

2015 proposals received - Click on the title in the document to go to the page with all the supporting documents posted.
Download package of Residential Proposals
Download package of Commercial Envelope

Important Dates

  • Mid-March through Mid-May: TAG meetings as required to review code change proposals
  • Thursday, May 14: TAG reports out to MVE Committee on Residential Energy Code
  • Thursday, June 11: TAG Chair delivers final report to MVE Committee
  • Friday, June 12: Council selects proposals to move forward to public hearing
  • September 11: Public Hearing, Spokane
  • October 16: Public Hearing, Olympia
  • November 2015: Council makes decision on adoption


Energy Code Reports

2018 Baseline Economic Analysis of energy reduction from 2006 WSEC

Draft of Final Cost Benefit Analysis of the 2015 WSEC

Commerce's Strategic Plans:

Documents prepared in response to petition: