Technical Advisory Groups

The Council periodically initiates a process for review of code amendment proposals and new code requirements. The TAGs are a key part of the review process. The Council appoints experts and interest group representatives to serve on the TAGs to assist the Council by providing detailed information on state building code changes and other issues. All meetings are open to the public and active participation is encouraged.

The purpose of TAGs is:

  • To review code change proposals as requested by the Council or Standing Committee, including proposed statewide amendments and national code changes.
  • To provide information to the Council or Standing Committee.
  • To identify proposed changes that may have an economic impact on small businesses, housing affordability, construction costs, life-cycle costs, or the cost of code enforcement, to be reported to the Workgroup on Economic Impact.
  • To conduct research into other code related matters as requested by the Council or Standing Committee.

Click here to find out more about TAG Procedures or the Council Process.

Here is a list of the TAGs for the 2024 code cycle:

  • Building Code and Existing Building Code TAG
  • Fire Code TAG
  • Mechanical, Ventilation and Plumbing Codes TAG
  • Commercial Energy Code TAG
  • Residential Energy Code TAG
  • Residential Code and Wildland Urban Interface Code TAG